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About Michele My name is Michele. From looking at me, you can probably assume I make good hummus (& I do, you can ask me for the recipe), but you probably can't tell that I drive a '67 RS Chevy Camaro and I love Waylon Jennings. My cousin, Cathi says that I am ambitious and generous. My best friend Super Sarah says I am a vivacious spirit and a person of rare and beautiful quality. I believe in honoring your parents, hard work and simplicity. I strive to be transparent in my personal and business life and live the way of the golden rule.

After college, I traveled to my birthplace: Lebanon (the land of milk and honey), where I fell crazy in love with olive oil soap. It became my lifeline, I used it for body, face and hair washing, in addition to toothpaste and clothing detergent. In the following year back home in California, I could not find a comparable product, nor could I stop thinking about it. I then convinced my loving father to escort me back to Lebanon so I could research, source and create the ultimate soap. After countless trials, tests, mishaps and acts of God, we formulated Zeetoon 100% Olive Oil Soap!

I am delighted to share this unsurpassed quality product with you.

Zeetoon 100% Olive Oil soap was inspired by the traditional soap makers of historic Lebanon, along the shores of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. The olive tree and the wonders of its fruit were first introduced to the region by the Phoenician traders, who populated the area 5,000 years ago.

Since those ancient times, olive oil has been closely tied to its Mediterranean roots. To this very day, the many beneficial qualities of olive oil have enabled it to remain an essential part of the lives of people throughout the region. The artisans who create Zeetoon are by far the best in the world.

This soap has proved to be the purest & finest on the market today. As a consumer I want all products and services to be directly beneficial, not only to me, but to both the artisans & communities. I am excited and enthusiastic about the unsurpassed quality product we offer and the thriving communities that are forming between skilled artisans and conscious consumers.

To bring superior first pressed extra virgin Lebanese Olive Oil Soaps from our historic roots, directly to you! To offer a superior quality product to those with severe allergies, highly sensitive skin, and other skin conditions that limits them for using most products available.

Zeetoon 100% Olive Oil Soaps are all fairy traded. The purpose of fair trade is to help lift marginalized small producers from their poverty. This practice maintains their source of employment by enabling them to smoothly sell their products to industrialized nations. Please support fair trade by purchasing products that are fairly traded and learn more at We are committed to fairly traded products that benefit the lives of the craftsmen and women who create them!

All Zeetoon 100% Olive Oil Soaps are 100% guaranteed to be of the finest quality, hand-made by dedicated artisans (who take great pride in their work).

Because we believe so strongly in using the purest 100% Olive Oil Soap, we guarantee your absolute satisfaction when you use Zeetoon. If you’re not fully satisfied with you experience, you may return it in the original container within ten days of purchase for a full refund*.

*Refunds are given on the retail purchase price of the item. Shipping costs incurred for the purchase & returned item(s) are the responsibility of the customer, except in cases where we do not refund shipping costs unless we have made an error on your order.